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Tooth broken, fallen out, only a fragment of it still remains, what do I do?



Junior member
Sep 22, 2019
Hi all, new here, not new to the dentist or having teeth extracted though, have a fair amount of teeth I have had to have pulled out, I still have loads of teeth at the moment, but here I am again, with what could be another tooth that needs extracting, or what was once a tooth and is now just the remains of it

I have attached a photo, from what I remember this was one of my molar teeth, my wife thinks it is a wisdom tooth but I do not think it was, it first broke and I was left with half of the crown of the tooth a while ago, there was no pain though and I left it, recently more of it broke and I was left with a quarter of the tooth, and today the rest of it broke and now I am left with what you can see in the photo

My concerns is with the tooth itself and the dentist, the tooth because although there is nothing left of the tooth apart from what you can see, there is no pain, and even when the tooth broke in half there was no pain, could I leave what is left of the tooth and not have an extraction? Or would that be a bad idea? Because there is no pain, which concerns me, but at the same time, if there is no pain can I just leave the tooth as it is?

As for the dentist, my only concern is how would they remove it, when I have had teeth removed before usually it is a tooth that they take out my mouth and not just the remains of what is laying in my gums, that is obviously if I should have it removed, but yes if I was to have it removed would removing it require something like a referral to a specialist or surgery? Sure removing teeth is surgery right but is this different?

Help please what should I do?

Its a pretty common question. Have a look at the post below.
Leaving it is an option, the trouble is, it's likely to get an acute infection at some point when it'll cause a fair amount of pain and will then need removing. However, when it blows up is not likely to be at a date, time or place of your choosing :)

Much better to get it removed as a planned procedure when you've had the chance to find a dentist you trust to do the job.