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Tooth brushing after extraction



Junior member
Nov 17, 2023
Hi! I just got a tooth extracted yesterday (under anesthesia thankfully) and I’m really nervous about brushing and if I am doing it correctly. The tooth that came out was the first molar on the upper left side. I have probably two stitches in the area. I’ve been eating soft foods on the opposite side of my mouth. I brushed my teeth tonight which has been more than 24 hours after surgery. I used toothpaste and used a very soft brush and brushed my other teeth normally and then went very slow nearing the extraction site. I did not brush the tooth right next to the site or the teeth in the back after the site. I didn’t rinse vigorously or spit I just moved my head back and forth slowly and let the water fall out and did that until I felt it was all gone.

Should I have used toothpaste 24 hours after extraction? Is it okay to skip brushing the teeth surrounding the extraction site? Should I be rinsing with salt water maybe once a day? My instructions just say I should brush gently after the first 24 hours but don’t say if I should use toothpaste or not or anything else. I just want to make sure I’m doing this right, I don’t want dry socket.
Hey there, I’m 24 hours post extraction. I brushed my teeth last night gently and totally avoided the area, also didn’t use Tepe etc as usually would. Have been instructed to warm salt water rinse x 4 a day from this morning. We are all so worried about dry socket, it really does have an awful reputation.
Statistically less than 4% of extractions lead to dry socket... it's not a big risk.