Tooth cleaning at the dentist's - no blood or pain!



Apr 14, 2020
I think this was covered in an older post but I wanted to encourage anyone whose been avoiding having their teeth cleaned at the dentist. (By "clean" I mean scaling and polishing - in the UK it's done by a hygienist. Less intrusive than the scaling and root planing that US dentists do.)
My previous dentist (NHS) used to do this himself and it was always painful and my gums would bleed. So I avoided it for years, even after moving to a nice private dentist. But the tartar round my wisdom tooth was irritating the gum, so I had to get it seen to. Guess what? The hygienist was super efficient and it didn't hurt at all! and no bleeding either!
Obviously this was down to her skill but my message is: don't be put off like I was. My teeth look so much nicer!