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Tooth cracked, curly roots have to wait for referral but how long? This is agony.



Jan 15, 2022
I found out today that the pain I have been having is down to a tooth that is pretty much cracked in two. The x-ray showed that the roots are curly and my dentist said she could not do the extraction that she would need to refer me on for that.
I have to wait to hear how long it will be but expecting a long wait with it being on the NHS. I asked if anyone there could do it privately and she doesn't think so so I don't think it's even worth me contacting private dental clinics if it can only be done by a surgeon. She said I will likely need IV sedation.

In so much pain and scared. I'm running out of teeth. Last xmas I had an extraction that left me with bare roots for a few weeks.. the one before that I was waiting for an impacted wisdom tooth to be removed under GA becuase it was coming out under my tongue.

I take tramadol and morphine for other pain but I'm used to it and it's not touching the pain.
What are you asking?
I don't know really. I am just scared of how long I have to live with this on top of my other problems. Only so much one person can take.