Tooth decay and gum disease - starting to take over my life!!

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Apr 8, 2016
Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

I'm another newbie member but have been lurking for months just reading other posts.

I wouldn't say I have a phobia of the dentists, my phobia is actually Emetophobia (I'm a full time member on their forum!!). However Emet has caused me to completely abandon the dentist years ago. I'm deathly afraid something will make me throw up - the anaesthetic, the pain, the panic attacks. I just decided to steer clear entirely.

My Emet has also had me addicted to extra strong mints for years (they used to help my stomach when I was particularly anxious, but now I'm just full blown addicted to sugar.) So the sheer volume of mints has finally taken an effect on my teeth. I noticed a little bit of decaying on my top right canine about a year ago, but it was so tiny I forgot about it. Well - now it's taken half of the tooth and is slowly spreading to my front teeth.

My very back (possibly wisdom?) right tooth is also heavily decayed and is currently feeling a bit sensitive and wobbly. I spit blood when I brush and have trouble eating on the decaying side of my mouth.. :(
I have no idea what to expect if I go into a dentist, my mind is telling me they'll have to pull the whole right side of my mouth out! I'm a mess every time I think about going in, but whenever I see photos of me smiling, I tell myself that I need to sort it out. It's beyond embarrassing now :cry:

Anyone have any ideas about what the dentist might suggest when he see's my train wreck of a mouth?!


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Oct 13, 2015
Unfortunately it's tough to tell what will have to be done in order to fix your teeth. It depends on what going on with the tooth and the dentist will be able to tell you what needs to be done.

I will tell you that it will be worth it. Even if you have to get some teeth pulled, it isn't the worst thing ever. I had one of my molars taken out and honestly I don't miss my decaying teeth. Now I have an implant there and it feels fabulous. It feels great to have all my teeth fixed up. There are a ton of people on this forum that have had to get their teeth pulled and life does go on. There are a ton of success stories on this forum.

I don't have a fear of throwing up at all but you post made me think about it. It must be really tough to have that fear. Definitely let the dentist know all about your fear, and any specific triggers you notice for it so he can avoid those. For example, I have a severe gag reflex, but I know the reflex is on my tongue. I keep my tongue out of the way when the dentist is working so the reflex isn't triggered, and he knows about it so he's careful not to touch the top of my tongue.

Good Luck!