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Tooth extraction 3 weeks after recover from mild Covid



Sep 30, 2023
ok, I have advanced gum disease, I have a top molar that need to be pull, it has been giving in reoccuring abcess for 2 months and not just that, also tooth ache every da-mn day. The gum disease has run it course with this molar, it has to go.

So on December 18th I tested Positive for Covid, mild Covid my case, cough and fever, after few days I get better. After few days my body fight off Covid I test Negative Covid now.
As of today I longer have any symptoms of Covid. My tooth extraction is schedule on January 11

So that will be 3 weeks from me have Covid.

I know I should wait 4 weeks a month, but if I don't do it January 11, I have to wait till end of January as their schedule pack.

I really want this tooth out, every day is constant tooth ache due to gum disease and swollen abcess.

Can I just take my risk and get it pull as schedule?

Thank you.

I mean there are people who has Covid with no symptoms and still get dental work done. I have servere gum disease and this tooth has been bothering me, I can't save it anymore.
Not sure what you think the issue is? Go ahead and get it done.
If you have NO symptoms (fever) and test negative - no worries. Take the usual vitamin C, D and zinc to boost/strengthen your immune system. Always take these 3. Here's to feeling better and taking care of YOU!