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Tooth extraction and bone implant



Junior member
Apr 14, 2022
Hello, this is my first post. I hope I am posting in the right area of the form. I am posting this in the hope of comforting others going through similar situations. This will be a very long very detailed post, but I do that in the hope of assisting others who are also terrified of this process. I am not a dentist, just a normal person describing my experience.

Two weeks ago I had my premolar extracted, and a bone graft put in. I would just like to describe the process I went through personally to help support others.

When I went into my initial appointment, it was for a crown. We thought the tooth could be saved but it could not. I am only 21, and to lose a tooth was very stressful. But from what I have looked into, it isnt rare at all to lose teeth at this age. They will use pliers, it will seem scary, but I experienced no pain throughout the process. You will feel the pressure of them wiggling the tooth though, and it is a lot of sensation. Just stick though it and it'll be done before you know it. For me, they did stitches as well. While, it wasn't painful, it can be stressful to experience. It doesnt take long though, just breathe and try to remember itll be over before you know it.

They will give you gauze tor the first 24 hours. I only bled for the first 6 or so after my appointment. Make sure to take all of your antibiotics as directed, if they give you any. You will have to be on soft foods diet for a few days. Mashed potatoes, soup, etc. It sucks, but its only for a few days.

After that, personally I moved on to slightly more complex food. Sandwiches, curry, burritos, anything that is still fairly soft. Dont eat on the side of the mouth you had the extraction on. You'll start to get a while film on your extraction site, it's a normal part of healing. Try to not disturb it. Do as directed by your dentist, I was told to do salt water rinses after every meal. Perhaps I was being overly cautious, but i did not swish with any force, just lightly moved the liquid around my mouth. For me, they said to not use salt water for the first 24 hours after the extraction. I waited until after that, and mostly let the salt water sit in my mouth to cleanse it.

I did not notice too much else until a week in. The white film, I forget the proper name, but the healing film your body makes, was beginning to fall off for me, piece by piece. Its important you avoid the extraction site, while brushing or eating, which I did. But I believe this just begins to happen at this point as the gums heals. I was panicked about it, but as long as you dont experience fluid discharge, or large amounts of pain, whatever you ar experiencing is a part of the natural cycle.

I have my check up appointment later today, I will try to update for how that goes. I will try to answer any responses, I understand how stressful these things can be. I went through a lot as I was going through the healing process.

Best wishes to all