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Tooth extraction assessment tomorrow!!!



Junior member
Sep 28, 2023
I’ve been reading here about full mouth extraction, I think that’s what they are going to say tomorrow! I already have about 7 teeth missing. I’m really worried/scared and my anxiety is going through the roof. It’s in 17hours and I’m counting the hours. I’ve been referred so be put under for the procedure, I have a few questions if anyone can help?
1 Do they book the procedure on the day of the assessment? If so how long roughly?
2 My dentist said she wouldn’t like to put in dentures straight away but why if I’m willing to pay? I have a part time job and attended college part time, does she really expect me to attend both with no teeth?
Any advice will be appreciated, just reading threads on here as calmed me a little about tomorrow. Thanks x
Hi @NicolaT88, I just saw your post and realise it's been over 17 hours...

Re. number 2, sure it's easier and more cost-effective to wait until your gums have fully settled, but most people wouldn't want to go toothless for that long (although some people choose to go that route if they're not working or out socialising). So it's not at all unreasonable to request immediate dentures.

Did you go to the assessment? If so, how did it go? Hope everything went well and that you're feeling a little calmer :grouphug: