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Tooth Extraction healing process and getting braces soon after



Former Member

I had an upper bicuspid tooth extracted two and a half weeks ago. It seems to be healing well; granulation tissue was formed on and around the extraction site. I went for follow up appointment one week after the tooth extraction and the oral surgeon said it looked fine too. However, the day after the follow up appointment I was eating soft food and all of a sudden there was blood in my mouth. The blood was coming from the extraction and the granulation tissue was gone. Luckily, there was no pain but I called the oral surgeon's office and the dental assistant said as long as there was no pain and no major bleeding I shouldn't worry about it.

Also, one week and a half after the extraction I got braces. There was some pressure on my teeth but no big deal. The only thing that hurt me a lot was this weird sharp pain I felt around the extraction site. It lasted about a minute and went away slowly. I was still at the ortho's office when this happened and they told me that if the pain continued that I should inform the oral surgeon. But, no pain since then. Thank goodness!

My questions are:
1. Is the granulation tissue supposed to come off and is it supposed to bleed when/if it does?
2. What is the extraction site supposed to look like two and half weeks after? (My extraction site looks red in the inside)
3. How long until the extraction fully heals and the hole closes?
4. When can I start drinking through a straw?
5. Is it normal to feel a sharp pain around an extraction site when getting braces? Could the pressure of putting on the braces have caused this?

Thank you in advance! I appreciate it :)
Hi gemith88,

Let me try to answer your questions!
1) From the sounds of it, part of the granulation tissue may have been irritated or came off when you were eating. A small amount of bleeding is normal if this occur. Bite on cotton gauze for 30 minutes and the bleeding should stop
2) Depending on the size of the extraction socket, it could still be healing and appear red
3) Usually the gums will grow and seal off the extraction site 3-4 weeks after the extraction, but it can vary depending on the size of the extraction size and your healing speed
4) You should be able to drink through a straw now if the teeth were extracted 2.5 weeks ago
5) If the pain only lasted a minute and went away, it does not sound like anything you need to be worried about. The pressure from the braces being put on could have caused the initial discomfort

Hope that helps and don't hesitate to ask anymore questions!