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Tooth Extraction possible infection [photo inc]



Junior member
Jun 6, 2014
Hello oral health warriors. :)
I had my tooth out exactly one week ago and all was okay. I had a blood clot and everything and never saw it come out. My face was swollen but has gone down as i approached the 7 days mark. Looking at my socket i seem to see white liquid.. and whiteness on the actual socket itself. There was white liquid which instantly made me think infection. There is is also some redness around the area.
I have lots of anxieties so i don't like making appointment if it isn't actually necessary. I included a photo of the area in question. I only recommend those who aren't going to scream yuck to look. :(


Pain is minimal. I'd say pain has never gone over 3/10. Any help would be fantastic since i'm actually really worried. I'll also add this is one of my bottom teeth to the side (not wisdom or last tooth, i don't know its number). If it's recommended i'll make an appointment and go to dentist.
Thank you.
Hi I am not a dentist but the extraction site looks very nice to me and normal. The redness at the base of the tooth next to it looks a bit sore on the gum.

I would make an appointment to see the dentist just to be sure, best be safe than sorry.

If I am wrong I am sure a dentist on here will correct me, :butterfly:
If you are not in severe pain you are probably fine. If you had a dry socket or infection you would be racing to the dental office to get relief. I wouldn't worry about it unless the pain starts getting worse or you experience any new symptoms.