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Tooth extraction site question



Junior member
Feb 7, 2016
Hello, everybody. I got 5 teeth (3 wisdom teeth and 2 molars) removed on Tuesday morning, making this the fifth night since the surgery. Everything seemed to be going fine but tonight a concern arose. Last night I noticed that the sites were covered in a white material that, after some research, I learned was granulation tissue and is normal. But, I just looked at the site again and now the white tissue is gone leaving just an open wound in the back of my mouth. It doesn't really hurt any more than it did before but I am TERRIFIED of a dry socket. Should I be concerned?
I am not a dentist but you sound fine to me. You will know if you have dry socket because it will hurt as much as the worst abscess and will keep you awake, normal pain meds won't work either. You will also probably get a bad taste.

You are usually safe from dry socket 72 hours after extraction. You don't have dry socket from what you have said and will be fine. If you are worried do go and see your dentist.

If you did get dry socket it sounds like a really bad thing but the dentist can ease the pain in one 5 min appointment.