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Tooth Extraction Site w/ Picture (PREGNANT)



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Feb 28, 2017
I'm pregnant so I feel like this has a bit of urgency to it.. Sorry for the gross pictures
I had the roots of a broken down tooth extracted on the 22nd so it's been about 5-6 days. I got stitches in it because the dentist said it was so close to my sinus line (sp?)
Anyways, it does not hurt besides a little bit of soreness, sometimes I get a really weird pain that I can only compare to when you're young and you twist your loose tooth out.. I have a high pain tolerance tho, so this might sound more painful to some than it is to me lol.
It kind of looks like the stitches are coming out. The picture isnt all that great but please try your best to evaluate it! I'm very worried about getting a dry socket :(
The white stuff/granulation tissue has gone down considerably and it looks like it's a hole now so I'm nervous
Also there's a really tiny blister in the upper right corner

Thanks in advance!tooth1.JPGtooth2.JPGtooth3.JPG


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Looks like normal healing. You're pretty much past the risk period for dry socket too. If the stitches start to come out now, nothing to worry about.