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Tooth extraction soon



Mar 5, 2021
Hello, I decided to pull out my tooth, which bothers me, because it hurt a little, I started an antibiotic and I am determined to pull it out in the coming days! The dentist I called advised me to take a test for allergies to anesthetics.This is For the first time I will get and I am very stressed
I am very scared just the thought of it depresses and makes me cry. I am afraid of anesthesia, not of the needle itself, but of the medication, so that something from it or some mistake will happen to me I have a huge fear of the anaesthesia being injected by mistake into a blood vessel because i know that is dangerous i dont know how often this happen? I need a pull a one of upper molar maybe number 6 but for me is 5 because i have one retained tooth on my palate and im worried. I dont know in others city whats number is this teeth.
I am also very afraid that the postoperative period
Can local anesthesia be given while taking an antibiotic?
Can someone calm me down someone who already have a tooth extracted! Im very anxious person and this is my first time.
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I’m not sure at all on any of this but I have extractions 4 of them tomorrow. With my 1st time ever IV Conscious Sedation. ? I’m legit petrified of falling asleep.
And scared I’m gonna be stimulated awake. I think local and antibiotics are fine. I hope it goes well for you.
Hi Mona,

first of all well done on scheduling the extraction. I know it is scary and your mind is giving you all possible fears now, but you will be fine.

When it comes to injecting anesthetic into a blood vessel, it is pretty impossible, as Gordon explains here. That‘s just one thread I found now at the first look, but there are surely more.

Anesthetic is very safe and you can get it also while taking antibiotics. It sounds like your dentist is happy to accomodate your needs and help you with your fears as they told you to get tested for allergy. It is very rare to be allergic against anesthetic. We have a good article about that here:

All the best wishes and good luck with the extraction ?
Hi @Mona65 I wanted to let you know I had my extractions today my 1st time ever with any Sedation. Much less “conscious sedation” that word “conscious” made me so paranoid. Like how can I hear you & expect and not hear anything else.

I googled and YouTubed anything I could find. Found this site was so so helpful. Talked to everyone I could literally it consumed my life with fear I was a completely different person.
I haven’t truly slept in months or been myself since at least May when this nightmare started.
Like I literally balled all day yesterday even in the phone to the confirmation scheduler. Saying I don’t want do thiazides keep mg $ all of it.Complete insanity. ??
I promise you if I can do it. You can. I threatened to like everyone in my family so many times to cancel. I had nightmares about. I thought and spun my head mentally is circles 24/7.
I saw both vials go in my IV never saw the room spin or saw any ring didn’t notice a vision change. No tingling. Never felt or heard anyone say we are done or shake me awake. Nothing.

Heck I even walked out after. Didn’t need a wheelchair. Stayed awake til 2pm (my procedure was @8am) 1st of the day.
Then got tied and passed out until 7:15pm.
I feel decent so far a bit sore but overall good.
I promise you got this!?
@Enarete can you post my reply to my post as a update for others I did it over my phone and can’t get it to copy & paste?

like under Iv sedation. Or success stories. Something for others to see?
Hi @zeckzer74, I've copied your post to the Success stories section (I think @Enarete is really busy ATM) :)
Thank you so much for everyone's support, I'm still waiting for Monday to make an appointment, but I'm still afraid of the anesthesia the most! Congratulations on removing bad teeth I am very happy for you! I want it to happen quickly and smoothly for me as well.
I was given a local anaesthesia once 3 years ago and then I fainted maybe out of fear and they only gave me half the dose which caught me well. Do you think he used lidocaine? For my peace of mind I will do the allergy test! But I guess if I didn't have it then I won't have it now, right?
Sorry i want to post this here but accidentally post it on your post
Trust me @Mona65 if I can do it you can! You will be just fine! I know how hard it is to hear and accept until it’s done. But let me tell you I’m the most phobic person I know of the Dentist. And as dumb as it is I knew I HAD to have the anesthesia. But I was terrified if it. Because I never had it or any kind of IV sedation anesthesia ever.
Oh im very scared too and when i start to think about this i feel very anxious :(
And one more thing make me overthinking is covid19 because i dont want to get it and i will not feels safe because here in my city 80% of people dont care about it and my fears going up so much for everything.But my biggest fear is extraction
Did you look up the IV Sedation posts on this site? It helped me. Especially one in particular about labeled something like my Dental SuperHeros. Something like that.

Also these stories on YouTube were helpful to me.


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Thank you! I will be only with local anaesthesia. I have a last question. Because im on on antibiotics rn and i dont know for which day he will give me appointment. Is 1 or2 weeks long period and then i will need a new course of antibiotics before extraction?
Probably depends on how the antibiotics are working and how your tissues are. I would assume if a lot of the swelling & ect have gone down he would do it regardless.

That’s basically how mine was. The source of the infection for me was the tooth. Specifically root. Which obviously was trapped in the gum/bone. Without another root canal or extractions it didn’t matter how much antibiotics I had. Since the tooth was already dead (from the failed root canal) & unless my face legit puffed up like a softball like when it first happened. Antibiotics wouldn’t do much.

Case to case obviously. Your situation could be different?

Do you have a appointment tomorrow? I would call & ask.
I dont have swelling before i start my antibiotics i have a little pain in my tooth and i have been scared to get swelling again and i start antibiotics. Then i decided to pull this tooth because im tired from worrying! No i dont have appointment yet first i will go to get tested for anaesthesia allergy.
I need to wait 2 more weeks to go to dentist and i finished my antibiotics last week and my panic starting again i think i will get sinus infection from the tooth and im scared from cavernous sinus trombosis idk how rare is it and how this can happen but im scared
I think can the infection go into my sinus and then make a blood clot without any symptoms, or if I have a sinus infection, will it go away with antibiotics before something bad happens? Im so scared from last time i have sinus infection from other tooth and it cleared fast with antibiotics but scared me to death its so close to my brain
And i need to pull out 2 upper teeth ?
If it’s a upper tooth I would think it can definitely get into your sinus cavity’s yes and potentially cause a infection on top of if you have the normal allergies in there in general.

sorry to hear about to upper? Did he say when you could get it done? So the teeth are gone and your infection will be as well.