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Tooth extraction using non adrenaline



Well-known member
Feb 18, 2023
Manchester uk

Can I still have my tooth taken out using non adrenaline?
I can not have adrenaline last time I was poorly and it’s scared me a lot .
So will it still be okay to do it without adrenaline?
I’m having it done tomorrow and I’ve had a panic attack due too the fear
Please be kind thanks
Yes. Absolutely no problem.
@Gordon my dentist attempted twice .
I just couldn’t do it . I was numb but I’m hypersensitive also with pain and it didn’t hurt but it was extremely traumatic.
She’s such a great dentist and was kind and understanding. So while she hasn’t taken it out she’s doing me an urgent referral for general anaesthetic.
I’m on antibiotics again now due too an abscess.
I know it’s not great too have a bad tooth but I can not go through that again .
Sedation would not be an option also for me.
I feel like a failure and keep crying but for me an just glad i tried .

I know it will be a long wait for a general anaesthetic but I’ll just have to wait and I know I’ll have too have more antibiotics in a few months if it comes back again but there’s nothing more can I do 😢
Well done for trying, lots of people wouldn't have got that far!
@Gordon that means a lot . My dentist said the same . I did my best I really did .
My mouths still a bit delicate but think that’s expected.
I’m trying to not feel bad for not getting it out but feel like I let myself down .

It hasn’t put me off going back too see my dentist but I won’t be having my teeth removed there.
Better off at the dental hospital.

Thanks again