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Tooth extraction with Dormicum (Midazolam)



Junior member
Jul 9, 2016
Hi there everyone :)

I just registered here looking for help. Two weeks ago my gums got swollen from infection caused by my tooth. The infection was removed surgically and, as you can imagine, it wasn't very pleasant experience for me. My dentist said that the tooth needs to be removed but he suggested a narcosis because of fear reactions and constant gag reflexes.

I've decided to give it another try before conisdering narcosis. I summoned up all my courage and i went to another dentist but this time it was even worse. All my courage were gone the moment i sat in the chair. The worse part was that the dentist couldn't even take a look at my teeth. The moment she tried to put this little mirror to only see what is going there i've strong and involuntary gag reflex. It was simply impossible. I was really devastated and dissappinted in myself. Especially that my girlfriend was waiting for me in a waiting room, also very stressed out, but i couldn't manage to get this thing done.

Anyway, this dentist directed me to another one and this time i was offered a procedure with injection of Dormicum (also known as Midazolam). It kinda put me at ease because i think being deeply asleep during tooth extraction seems to be the only way for me ;) I've had x-ray made there and i will have 4 teeth removed at one time. That would be great if i could get rid of them all at once. But now i am worried again about potential side effects of Dormicum. After all, it is a strong drug. I know i won't have full control over myself after i wake up but i am especially scared that i will be saying some horrible things without any concious control or that i will get angry, aggressive or depressed. Although after extracting 4 teeths maybe i won't be able to talk at all ;) Except that, my GF is not sure if she can handle it all alone because we live together and our families lives in another country. She think that maybe it would be better if her parents came to visit us and help us. My procedure is scheduled on 20.07 in the morning.

Does anyone have any experience with Dormicum and can calm me down about how it will affect me? :)


Super Moderator
Jan 5, 2012
Hi welcome to the forum.

I am sorry I can't help you here as I have no medical knowledge. Have a word with the dentist and explain how you are feeling and what you are worried about how you have on here.

Most people on here report that things go well when sedated and say they were worried over nothing. Doesn't stop us being worried though does it.

I am sure you will be fine, they are used to dealing with patients using this drug and will have seen it all. I wish you all the best for the morning. Let us know how you get on please when you feel up to it.