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Tooth extraction



Junior member
Feb 17, 2024
Hello. I am told I need my very front tooth removed and bone graft done to prep for implant. Having my front tooth removed as a 43 year old women is causing me debilitating anxiety. I haven’t even had a consult yet and I’m a mess. I know the flipper will help “look” normal to others but I’m scared of pain and days after it’s pulled . The ugliness of missing that tooth for so long. I’m my own worse enemy sometimes. Help!!
Except in very rare cases when a dry socket happens (which is not likely with an upper central incisor tooth) then there shouldn't be any post extraction pain at all.
@Gordon any advice on how to not feel like this is the most devastating thing? I know people have way worse issues then me having a front tooth pulled and eventual implant. But I’ve worked myself up so much I’m having a hard time coping Have a consult today and that’s put me into a spin lol
I'd concentrate on the outcome not the process... you'll be free from pain and infection, you'll have a nice cosmetic result (which won't be noticeable to anyone bar a dentist and that at close range).

You're replacing a failing biological thing with a better one that'll last you the rest of your life :)
I recently had to have tooth 8 extracted after a root canal failed after 20 years. That crowned tooth became infected 2x in 4 months so I knew it needed to be removed. I am 53. My fears similar to yours was having a missing front tooth.

My extraction occurred exactly 3 weeks ago. I am wearing the front dental flipper and it looks pretty real.

The actual surgery wasn't bad. In advance I took 1000mg of acetaminophen. Came home and slept. The next day I was still fatigue and took the day off from work. I ate very soft foods for 2 days straight and then by the third day I ate regular food. I didn't need any prescription meds for pain. I handled with acetaminophen. First night you should sleep with your head inclined. Post operative instructions...no straws, no hard swishing, no hard spitting.

Regarding the flipper by the end of the day my front gums are sore. You can eat with it but I prefer not to. Sandwiches I cut into pieces and eat with a fork. I wore braces before so sometimes I prefer to use my clear retainer that was modified with a tooth filling. Therefore, when I wear I don't have a missing front tooth.
@KimT thanks so much for responding. I know this is all happening because it must. But it’s so scary and really hurting my self esteem. Dreading the long 10 months of wearing a flipper. And just knowing I’m missing a front tooth I hope your gums start feeling better and gets used to the flipper. I’m hoping I can get my head into this lol. I’m now on anxiety meds and at times take half an Ativan for the anxiety. Hearing from others is definitely helping
I’ve had several extractions through the years and the most pain is when they numb you. Other than that if you are numbed correctly, all you feel is pressure. Even after the shots were off the pain is not that bad. You would just have to eat soft foods for a couple days and eat on the other side of the mouth
@kclady36 thank you. I will be asking for sedation lol. My anxiety can’t handle being awake. lol. All this seems so crazy lol.
I'm lucky I have Leftover xanax, I could take right before the procedure. I'm lucky I have a pretty good dental office.
Even the pain is not all that bad. I often find that I do not need the prescription pain killer
Natty1980 checking in to see how are you doing and whether your tooth was extracted or pending to be extracted.
@KimT pending. Have a consult today with oral surgeon. I’ve been so majorly stressed and I’m only getting a consult with him lol. He only comes to our town every 4 weeks. So assuming April will be the dreaded extraction and flipper nightmare lol. This is so overwhelming and scary. I’m not coping well at all
@KimT had a quick consult with his assistant They also suggested a bridge as I have expressed my fear and anxiety with the stupid wearing of the flipper. But now really thinking about it. I’m not sure at 43 I wanna get my good teeth damaged and shaved down. So now I’m back and forth. I feel like I can’t think straight enough to make a choice. Then I’m scared of the implant being put in eventually. I’ve made the mistake to Google to learn and see pretty gruesome stuff lol. Ugh. I hate this.
@Natty1980 just checking in to see how it’s all going for you?
I’m 45 and have major dental phobia due to past experiences. I had a few teeth extracted this year but don’t know names of certain teeth, 2 that were extracted were the ones next to my k9/fang teeth, sort of in the front, top side which has caused me to not leave my house in months due to anxiety of going in public with missing teeth. I have so much other work I need to finish that I haven’t even begun to discuss with my dentist what the options are for me after said work is done. My dental phobia has caused me not to go for over 10 years and I just can’t even believe I’ve got to this point. :(
@Cajunlady thanks for checking in. My appointment for extraction is April 24th. Being it’s my very front upper tooth I’m still so disturbed and having difficulty coming to terms with it. I’ve debated between implant. Then bridge. Then decide to get a partial denture for now. I read so much failure with implants. And the cost is simply insane. Bridge is nice. Fairly quick to have nice teeth but the thought of shaving down two good healthy teeth at 44 is kinda crazy. I can never get those teeth back ever. My mind is a mess and I’m too back and forth. Things too much for me. So partial denture for my front and a tooth further back they will be pulling will be added also Maybe in a few years I will decide to go the implant route. I will be getting bone grafting done as well so at least that’s one step I will be able to avoid should the time for implant comes. I’m sorry to hear you have more work to be done. Man this dental stuff is super stressful. I’m less stressed seeing my doctor for goodness sakes. I’m pretty nervous. Trying to take it one day at a time. But times flying and anxiety is coming on strong.