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Tooth fallen out feels strange



Junior member
Jan 12, 2016
Hi just a quick question if anyone can help.

I have 4 teeth missing top front and tonight my last big tooth in the middle had fallen out, but it feels like i have had it frozen at the dentist and not sure why. Is just because it's come that it feels funny like swollen
I cannot answer your question. You should go and see a dentist and make sure that any gum disease is got under control to prevent any further tooth loss. You may have an infection but until you see a dentist you will not get an answer from an internet site.

I am not a dentist and as good as the dentists are that come on here without a proper exam and x rays they will not be able to give you answers either.
Hi yes booked in for Tuesday, but i don't have many teeth only 5 left at the top and 6 at the bottom so will ask if i can have them all removed.
I am pleased to hear from you that you are going to visit your dentist. I wish you all the best and hope you are happy with the outcome.

Let us know how you get on please. Good luck
Hi it was meant to be in the morning, but because it's now healed up almost and feels great i have canceled the appointment because i never wanted to take a space that someone in pain might need more.
I can see what you are saying about not wanting to take someones place that might be in pain. I hope you do make an appointment to see a dentist soon though just to have things checked out because if your teeth are falling out on their own it isn't a good sign and the dentist may be able to help you there.

They would be able to make you a denture or know some other way to cover your gaps and help you be able to eat better.

Whatever you decide I wish you good luck and all the best.
Thanks for the reply and kind words. I will make one for a checkup but i really hate the dentist plus can't afford to have anything done to be honest.
All the best to you and Good luck.

Sometimes dentists can come to an arrangement about paying for treatments. I am in the UK and I can give you advice about things here.

Is there a teaching hospital that you could go to where you are. If you are not in the UK if you tell us what country you are in others may be able to help in telling you what help you can get.