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Tooth feeling dead while numbed at the dentist - normal?



Jun 23, 2011
Hi, all! I had a few fillings the other day and while I was numbed up one of the nearby teeth they weren't working on (though it does need a filling also in the near future) felt weird and just kinda.. dead for awhile. Just wondering if this is normal, has anyone else experienced it, etc. I asked about it, but didn't really go into what I was feeling in great detail because of my anxiousness and them needing to get on with things.. now wish I had went into more detail, and also just looking for (hopefully!) more input from others that this is normal. To ease my mind.

Thank you for reading and for your time!
@moonbunny When you say nearby, was this tooth in the same quadrant as the numbing?
@moonbunny I can only speak from my experience, but when I get local anesthetic, any of the other teeth in the same quadrant will feel numb and/or dead or at least different.
@Anne2021 when I got local anesthetic my whole mouth went numb for 3 hours haha