tooth feels 'displaced' after eating



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Nov 2, 2017
i ate some rice and started to feel a sort of strange pressure like my tooth was not in the right place or had been moved and was now stuck

it appears to be in the right place but the sensation is maddening. it's like a throb, but no pain, just pressure. like i was being worked on.

i brushed my teeth, used water pick ,used a floss stick, examined it with a dental mirror, picked at it with a plastic dental pick, and nothing. i can see nothing wrong

the dental floss would not go all th way between for some reason , or i didn't want to push too hard in case i damaged my tooth

it's like something is stuck but there's nothing there that i can see

i can't get into the dentist for a good while i don't think, next week at the earliest

have i cracked or damaged my tooth somehow? i was eating soft foods (some of it was a little firm because i burnt it) so idk how i would've cracked it.


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Aug 30, 2018
Don't panic, things may not be as bad as you imagine. Maybe it's food impaction? Could you call to see if your dentist could see you earlier? Sometimes they get cancellations and could slot you in.