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Tooth filling pain when chewing on food!! !: (((



Junior member
Aug 1, 2017
Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I'm new to this website and look forward to assistance.

So I recently had 5 fillings, 3 on the left, and 2 on the right, all quite deep.

It has been almost about 3 days, and every time I chew on food, I get this small shock of pain, like it has something to do with my nerves. Is this just sensitivity?? All my teeth touch down perfectly fine when I bite up and down so yeah. I mean, when I put pressure on my tongue it doesn't hurt, but when I chew on it with food, the shock of pain comes through. Help, please? :cry:

The pain I feel is at: Top and Bottom teeth on my left, and top right tooth. But right now I feel shiny pain in both my left side.

Will I heal? Is this normal?
Hi :welcome:to the forum.

It could be that your bite is a bit too high on one or more of the fillings, go back to the dentist and ask them to do a bite test and explain the problems you are having. This should not be charged for and it is very simple and quick for them to correct. :welcome: