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Tooth gone a bit gray



Junior member
Apr 9, 2016
I broke my front bottom tooth on food about 6 weeks ago 🙁 this gave me huge fear and anxiety, I felt literally sick and so annoyed at myself. the chip was quite a big one and affected the back of my tooth rather than the front, like chipping it in half across it rather than losing height. It was not sore or sensitive and my dentist fixed it up with I presume bonding. This took me ages to get used to, in fact I’m still not used to it, it’s bulky at the back and my tongue is constantly in the way of it. Over the last few weeks I don’t know if it really does feel weird and tight or if my anxiety is making me aware of the sensation of the tooth. I can’t say i have tooth ache just an awareness, a tight sensation that comes and goes . The tooth also looks a bit darker than it did, not at the root end that is the same as my other teeth but the top bit in some certain lights looks gray. I have been putting off going back to my dentists as my biggest fear is him saying it’s dead and you need root canal which i just cannot cope with, does anyone know if the tooth is only darker at the top of it is ok? Rubbish image attached,ps it doesn’t hurt to bite, please helP thank you


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Sorry, you really can't tell from a photo. Please go and get it checked to put your mind at rest, chances are it's just some staining.
I know I just need to pick the phone up and do it……or even walk down the stairs as I actually work in the same building as my dental surgery 🫣
I wish I knew why i can’t be more rational about it
Thank you Gordon for replying it’s much appreciated
One of the most phobic patients I ever treated was the receptionist in a dental practice! Phobias are irrational almost by definition :)
If you do get it checked out, I'd be interested to hear what it turned out to be...