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tooth/gum pain 2 weeks after filling!



Junior member
Jul 7, 2010
I had an old filling on the rear of lower right 5 tooth redone recently as it had cracked. i had it replace dwith a ceramic filling. The dentist pressed down *really* hard while doing it and it hurt alot. It ached a little for a week but I assumed it would go. about a week later i noticed the gum at the very back of my mouth around wisdoom tooth hurt slightly and was swollen, but i assumed this was unrelated due to being quite far away, and now the gum up against where the filling was really hurts when it is touched/pressed. Do i have an infections preading through my jaw caused by the filling? Help!
Well, no you don't have an infection spreading through your jaw, but you're in pain and you need to get it looked at.