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Tooth heat sensitive four months after root canal



Aug 26, 2014
I had an infected tooth which ended up having a root canal four months ago. It was a long story involving two lots of antiobiotics and multiple appointments. Next to another molar with a small filling in it.

Few days ago start getting sensitivity to hot drinks and foot. Feels like it's coming from between the RCT tooth and filling tooth. Not cold sensitive.

Xrays at dentist today shows no infection and all fillings intact. Mouth guard shows grinding damage on the bit that covers the filling tooth. Have started using sensodyne and sensitive mouth wash but am worried.
It is almost definitely coming from the tooth with the filling, not the one that had a root canal. If your dentist checked everything out and didn't see any sign of decay, infection, or other issues it likely isn't a big issue. Many people who grind heavily get occasional sensitivity.
Thank you. I've had xrays and both teeth look good and gum is fine so fingers crossed. Thank you for the reply.