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Tooth left after wisdom removal?



Jan 20, 2020
united states
I had 2 wisdom teeth out yesterday. It came out fully, yet it looks like There is still half a tooth there, but it's soft?


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I should add, no real pain... jaw hurts from keeping it open so long... and followed instructions, including sleeping sitting up for the first night. No sucking from a straw, no solid foods, etc
I fear to look to closely at my extraction sites but I have noticed something similar. The extractions began about 2 months ago... I'm just assuming that it is some kind of gauze plug, maybe? And that it will be expelled naturally as the hole heals up. No pain either, so I'm sure it's normal, whatever "it" is. I'd be interested to find out. Following... in the hope someone who knows answers. Failing that, I'll ask at my next visit. Now I'm curious, :) but not worried.
I didn't get gauze. He told my mom I didn't bleed much at all.
Now I am more curious, but not worried, there must be an explanation. If it was a bit of tooth, it would be painful. It's soft you say? I haven't dared touch mine... Not a biologist but I would venture to say it is part of the healing. Maybe some tissue regeneration? Mass production of the necessary white blood cells account for the colour? Some of my extraction sites have already, apparently, closed over and there is no white bits to be seen now. Pure guess work, but I'd venture to say, don't worry about it. :)
I'm thinking maybe a blood clot. They did say it could be white. Wasn't thinking that white tho
Yeah, could just be that. Sounds like it. So, yes, likely just healing, beginning with a useful clot. I'm definitely going to have to find out why it's so white though. I'm intrigued now.. :)
The white stuff is very normal healing - it’s called granulation tissue. Best to leave it alone and not look at it too much. Unless you’re having pain that’s not managed with over the counter pain medication, you should be totally fine. If you’re having pain, you should call the dentist who did the extraction.
No pain, so I'm not too worried. Was more curious