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Tooth needing root canal is turning grey! Scared.



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Mar 9, 2022
Hi! I have a root canal consult scheduled in 2 days. I had a tooth that had a cavity, broke off some and then had a piece come out of the tooth in the beginning of this month. I went to the dentist that same week and they said the tooth had a lot of decay inside and it had started to travel down so I would need a root canal, they then referred me to an endodontist. Since the tooth had a piece come out a few weeks ago, it's starting to turn grey and it's freaking me out. It previously had some darkness, but it seems to have expanded a little. I am worried about the wait time until I have to get the root canal done, what could happen in the meantime. Could more of my tooth break, will it turn totally dark and get infected causing an emergency? Or get infected at all? Or anything bad? There's no pain in the tooth. When I called for the consult, they said they were booking out root canals for about 3-4 weeks so I know I will have to wait. I am just freaking out at what might happen until then to my tooth. I currently have Dentek temporary filling where the hole/crack was in my tooth that's protecting it.
It's darkening because the nerve in the tooth is dead, so it's not getting a blood supply.
It should be fine for another few weeks.
@Gordon would it be fine let's say for up to 1.5 months or so? I am worried with how far out they were booking. My rational mind says that if it was urgent I'd be told it was urgent when they initially checked it. I do have some gum irritation by that tooth too I just noticed.
Yes, probably. Worst case is that it starts to hurt and you need some antibiotics, but it's not likely to happen (hoping I've not just jinxed you!)
Hello all! I had a tooth that had a cavity turn into decay over the last 2 years. It started off as a small chip and ended up breaking more earlier this month. I am so scared in the time I have to wait to get a root canal that it'll break more. The dentist didn't express concern about this, but I am so scared to eat, sleep. I wake up every hour to make sure it's still there and okay in pure panic. I have terrible health and dental anxiety. My root canal will be done in the next month or so, within 4 weeks from now. I have a temporary filling in there. I am so scared it'll break more. It took 2 years for the decay to set in enough to make it break so my mind says it's strong and can wait longer, but I am even afraid to celebrate my birthday next week and take a 2 hour road trip in fear it'll break.

*Note, the filling is Dentek and the dentist said its okay to leave that in. I know it looks sloppy but it filled in the crack and I keep applying around the tooth.


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