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Tooth next to implant throbbing in pain



Mar 15, 2017
It has been about a week and a half since I had a dental implant put in (lower front #26) and I can't go without Advil... during my one week checkup the oral surgeon said everything looks good, but I've noticed that the tooth next to the implant is throbbing in pain, I'll wake up in the middle of the night to take Advil so I can go back to sleep. Is this normal or could this tooth's nerve be damaged?
ahhh. sorry to hear this! its very hard.. I hope it stops hurting soon. maybe go for 2nd opinion if it continues.. i had something like this happend next to an extractin site and they oral surgeon had broke the root of the tooth next to it, then I had to get that tooth pullled by another oral surgeon..but. i hope yours is okay!!glad i got a second opinion though
Thanks for your response! I don't know if it is the implant itself now that is causing the problem.. All i know is I'm in throbbing pain as soon as motrin wears off. This can't be good :(
ugh... sorry Jenny.. i sure hope it gets better soon for you.. !!