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Tooth pain been to the dentist twice found nothing



Junior member
Jun 14, 2015
Hello everyone. I started having pain in one of my molars on the bottom right back in April. I made an appointment they took x-rays did some tests like tapping the tooth, spraying it with water everything looked good she said. I went about a month with little to no pain end of May I started having pain again so made a second appointment this time she didn't take an x-ray guess because I just had one a month ago but did the same tests had me bite on the stick thing, sprayed water, tapped the tooth and it didn't cause me pain. She said allergies and sinuses can sometimes cause tooth pain and once again sent me on my way without finding anything and my pain subsided for about two weeks.

I am now experiencing more pain in the same area and I just don't know what to do. Part of me wants to call the dentist yet again but I am getting this anxious feeling if they don't find anything this time I am wasting their time and my time. I've been convinced since April there's an infection in there and I need a root canal which just puts my anxiety sky high but my dentist keeps saying there is not and both times after I've gone and she's giving me the clear there's nothing wrong the pain has gone away for awhile then comes back. So I don't know if this is my anxiety messing with me again or what the deal is.


Well-known member
Oct 13, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
Try a second opinion dentist. That dentist might have a clue about what's going on. Good luck!!