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Tooth pain/sensitivity after filling



Nov 26, 2013
Hey guys. First time poster here :)

First of all thank You for this beautiful forum. Have been reading other stories for almost a year now. It is the time when my dental pains took over my huge dental phobia and I went to the doctor after almost 7 years of skipping. Since then I had 2 wisdom teeth taken out, a root canal and a deep gum cleaning.

But 7 days ago I went in for a simple filling for the last upper left molar before wisdom tooth. Everything went well although I had some mild pain and sensitivity afterwards but i didn't pay attention to it because i thought it was a normal reaction.
But its already 7 days and the sensitivity is still there. Although it is better than it was for first 4 days when the pain was so sharp even from room temperature drinks that it made me flinch.

Right now the pain appears only when tooth get in contact with cold foods or drinks. It is not as sharp any more and has a small delay. The pain appears not straight away after something cold touches my tooth but about 1-2 seconds after and is there for about maybe 5 seconds. Is this normal after 7 days?

The tooth had no pain before procedure but had a silver filling. The old filling was replaced with white looking one. If it helps the cavity was on the cheek side and was close to the gum line. Dentists did not mention anything about how deep was the cavity but as far as i know the decay was cleaned very fast (not much work with the drill).

I could really use some reassurance because even the smallest pain make me feel really uncomfortable and nervous and i usually think about the worst thing that could happen :cry:

Thanks in advance
Hi WELCOME :jump::jump::jump: to the forum.

Sometimes teeth can fight back and take some time to settle after having a filling. If you are worried go back to the dentist and ask them to have a look at the tooth again.

It may settle itself in time but I think I may be tempted to call the dentist and see what they say. :)