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Tooth removal and dentures



Junior member
Feb 8, 2023
I have had two back teeth removed and am worried sick my teeth will spread and all be wonkey and chip . It’s damaging my ability to eat and sleep and my mental health .

I’m an nhs Patient and waiting in my dentist receptionist to speak with my dentist about getting an appointment to discuss ways these teeth can be replaced . I have a filling on or front tooth and a crown on the other due to Injury and I’m so scared impressions will rip these out .

I’m so upset every day it’s really effecting my day to day life x I’m so scared all my teeth will just fall out
@mon I'm sorry, that sounds really stressful. This may be of use to you, both my parents had molars removed that they never replaced, and so did my mother's close friend, and they said that any shifting or moving of teeth was really mild, took a very long time, and has never caused them any serious issues, and they never mentioned having any chipped teeth happening at all because of missing molars. I was missing a molar since last may, that I just replaced in january and my teeth didn't move much at all while it was missing, certainly not enough to see, during that time, nor did missing it cause any chipping during that time.
@mon Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you got it all out. We’re only as sick as our secrets.

And yes, your fears are reasonable: any sane person would be expected to have these same worries. It would be odd, frankly, if you didn’t have these anxieties.

The good news is that there is every reason for hope for both your remaining teeth and any dentures.

I say this with considerable confidence because I have a close friend who was in a situation much like yours, if not worse.

Happily, nowadays dentists have excellent methods to keep any living teeth. You may lose some more, but they’ll keep all they can.

Even better, for the teeth that are gone, the dentures/bridges they have nowadays are indistinguishable from natural teeth. Tried as I might, I couldn’t tell my friend’s natural teeth from their dentures.

The fact is that you are indeed facing a difficult dental situation, and your anxieties are wholly reasonable.

That said, you are further along towards a successful resolution to this than you may realize. It is much too early to give up hope, and an excellent time to be encouraged.

Keep us posted.
@mon If it is any consolation, I had impressions done about 12 years ago and they did not pull anything out. At the time, I had five crowns and several fillings. Everything remained intact.