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Tooth sensitive to cold after a filling



Well-known member
Sep 4, 2020
I had a composite filling done on 11th March - it was apparently only a very small one in between two teeth. It was fine initially but for about 4 days or so it's felt very sensitive to cold - ice cold drinks, ice cream etc. Not sensitive to hot. No pain after a few minutes of not having anything cold. Could this be a failed filling or could it settle down? The dentist did full xrays beforehand and there were no other issues. She checked the bite and it was fine.

I am a real worrier and it's starting to make me very anxious.

Thank you for your help
Hi MumOfBoys1985,

It is a good sign that is is not sensitive to hot and not not linger. The most likely cause is the gum receeded a fraction as a result of the matrix band (metal mould) that was placed to help shape the filling.
You could try rubbing in a desensitising toothpaste like Colgate Instant everyday onto the junction between the tooth and the gum. This may well ease it off in about 3 weeks. Alternately, you dentist could apply a desensitising varnish to the area that can get rid of the sensitivity much faster.
There can be other causes for the problem but the treatment I mentioned is most likely going to be all that is required.
Hope it works