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Tooth sensitive to cold!


Ben Smith

Apr 10, 2009
Hiya guys,

Just wondering why my front teeth at the top seem to be extremely sensitive to cold? The bottom teeth at the front are fine, it's just the top ones.

If i drink Milk from the fridge or anything like that - i have to stop for a few seconds because of the sensitivity. I never used to remember them being like this when i was younger!

Just asking because i was due to have my 6 month check-up appointment at the end of June, but i got a letter from the surgery and they've put it back to 1st September!

I've tried some toothpaste to try and help it. Thinking of trying some mouthwash now instead.
I've had on and off sensitive teeth, too, and often it comes to nothing. My computer's not running well, or I'd find you a link, but I found useful/reassuring stuff by Googling "sensitive teeth".
It's also something that comes with age- the only things you can do are use the right toothpaste (we have Sensodyne in Aus), and use fluoride mouthwash. If they start getting painful all the time, then you need a dentist, but if you're anxious, just call your surgery now and have a chat. I'm sure if you're worried they'll fit you in/refer you/listen to your symptoms over the phone.
Good luck :)