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Tooth sensitive to hot/cold 6 months after a filling?



Junior member
Mar 31, 2016
Hi everyone.

So I had 2 fillings done in around August, dentist commented they were quite deep, both were sensitive after procedure, but one got better within a few weeks. The other is still very sensitive to hot and cold. These fillings were to replace amalgam with composite as I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks about metal in my mouth. There was no new decay.

I'm petrified of having to go back, and even more so of the prospect of a root canal or crown....

Question is, if I can deal with the pain on a daily basis, do I have to go back? I've seen the dentist once since then for a checkup, I didn't mention the pain though, she didn't do any x rays but said all was ok.

Is it the nerve dying? Is it an infection? Will my tooth fall out? Will another filling (I've read there's special liners they can use) fix the problem? It doesn't hurt any other time, chewing is fine also.

I'm out of my mind with worry, please can someone offer advice
If the sensitivity is only to hot/cold and goes away quickly I wouldn't be too terribly concerned. If it gets to the point where the pain is excruciating, it hurts all the time, or wakes you up at night, then you might need a root canal. The sensitivity also means that the nerve is still alive and the tooth is not infected.

A new filling *might* help the sensitivity. If it was already a deep one there would also be the risk of causing additional damage to the tooth by going back in to replace it. If it were my tooth, I'd leave it alone.
Thanks, it is just to hot and cold and goes once stimulus is removed. I feel so relieved by what you said. Thank you x
Thanks for this - I had exactly the same question!