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Tooth sensitivity after onlay



Junior member
Sep 1, 2019
Hi, I had a filling fall out a year ago and had a dentist put a new filling in. It was a horrifically painful experience and went back to my old dentist when visiting home (I moved out of the country). He took xrays and saw decay under the new filling and removed it and put an onlay on.
Now, after the procedure I had sensitivity to hot/cold and chewing, but that has greatly improved. (While home I had my dentist check/adjust bite). I still have some degree of sensitivity to chewing food. There is no heat sensitivity, and maybe a minor quick tingle with cold food occasionally. I am petrified of a root canal. I don’t have throbbing pain of any sort, and the sensitivity to coldness, if any, is only for a second. But this slight sensitivity to chewing (usually softer things, I can eat hard foods on that tooth like pretzels without a problem) is the main concern.
After 3 months, can this still get better or is it likely I am facing a root canal? Can the bite still be off even if it was already checked and it seemed fine?
I’ve been using a sensitive tooth toothpaste to try to help things as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Sounds like it could be a few different things. No, you're not facing a root canal.
The bite could be still off, it's quite common to need more than 1 go at getting it just right and some people are more sensitive to slight misalignment than others.
Sensitivity to cold could be a bonding issue, which would also account for bite sensitivity. You really need to get a dentist to take another look at it.
Thanks for your reply, I’m relieved to hear it doesn’t sound like a root canal. I’ll be getting it checked out.
Keep us posted.