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Tooth sensitivity & dull ache



Junior member
Jun 3, 2016
Hi, Can tooth sensitivity cause tooth/teeth to ache all day ?

I have low gums on lower teeth, I have been experiencing tooth sensitivity with hot and cold foods and beverages, this seems to set of a constant dull ache which will last all day and well into the night.
It's really hard to say without more details if that is what is causing the ache. Sensitive teeth can develop a dull ache that lasts for a couple of days. If it is anything more than a minor ache, I'd have your dentist check to make sure nothing else is going on.
I'm dealing with the same thing. It's almost as if it's worse when i focus on it. If I touch my bottom teeth they start to ache also it keeps me up at night.
See a dentist, brush carefully not to hard that could increased senstive. you could have been issues when your teeth (or if you still got your wisdom teeth that could flare a problem) you may be having gum problems

If you are drinking fizzy frinks try to cut down of them and if you need to drink them save them for meal times only.

I am not a dentist
Saw dentist on Tuesday (yay for me! Btw, big step) he said I have receding gums there, so I'm assuming that's what it is? But why all day? I am obsessing about it and constantly touching it. Do,you think this could add to it?
Try not to touch it, when have germs on our hands and keep touching it could cause problems
Try changing your toothpaste and mouthwash for things that are for sensitivity.
And be sure to use a straw when you drink acidic things! D: