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Tooth Sensitivity questions




I had my first root canal and crown about 6 months ago and my teeth have not been right ever since. The dentist performed 1 root canal and 2 fillings. I had to go in for 7 bite adjustments over a period of 4 months, had the crown remade twice, and it still doesn't feel right, but stopped hurting. These were my first fillings ever.
All of this stress and tooth pain has caused me to start grinding my teeth. I am only 24 and the tooth grinding has only been happening since I got the root canal and the bad crown.

I switched dentists and went in about 2 weeks ago for sensitivity in a couple of my teeth on my left side. The root canal tooth is my bottom left pre-molar, and the teeth causing me pain are the two molars behind it, as well as the teeth above them.

Anyway, I told my new dentist I was afraid I had somehow cracked the two sensitive molars, so he checked them thoroughly. He had me bite down on some cotton, checked for abscesses, he used the "tooth sleuth" to check the cusps of the molars, he took x-rays, and he tested them for cold sensitivity with a cold cotton swab. I had no pain from any of the tests and the x-rays looked fine. These teeth do not have cavities and they have never had any fillings. The teeth still have the sealants I got as a child.

His conclusion was I grind my teeth. He could tell by the x-rays I had some minor wear on the molars and the gums showed signs of grinding too. He suggested a custom mouth guard to prevent further damage. He didn't really say anything about the sensitivity except for "it should go away"...

So it is two weeks later, I have bought a mouth guard that you boil and fit to your teeth, as I can't currently afford the custom guard, nor am I willing to get it before my bite feels correct. I am also using de-sensitizing toothpaste.

I still have extreme sensitivity. There is no pain from pressure, I can eat on the teeth fine if the food is room temperature, I can have peanuts, jelly beans, etc. with no issues. I occasionally have cold sensitivity from drinking cold water or breathing cold air, but it's only occasionally, and it doesn't last long enough for it to really bother or concern me. However, I can't have anything even slightly warm. I can't drink coffee or eat anything that is not room temperature or cooler. I get this tingle in my teeth and then it turns into pain and then that whole side of my mouth is just agonizing.

I am afraid to eat or drink anything, and I have lost a lot of weight because of it.

So I am wondering if what I am experiencing is normal for tooth sensitivity caused by grinding?
And also, if I keep wearing the mouth guard and using the toothpaste, how long does it take to feel results?


Junior member
Dec 4, 2013
How bad was the tooth before it was root canaled? Maybe there is still an issue with it. Has he checked to make sure the root canal is good? They can fail.


How bad was the tooth before it was root canaled? Maybe there is still an issue with it. Has he checked to make sure the root canal is good? They can fail.
There is no problem with the root canal tooth. No pain, swelling or sensitivity on it.
My new dentist did an x-ray and checked for abscesses, and found nothing.

I am pretty sure it is just sensitivity from grinding, I just don't know why I still have it/ when it will get better.