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Toothache after wisdom tooth removal



Junior member
Nov 26, 2020
So I had my lower left wizzie removed on Wednesday. I started getting toothache a few days ago in the teeth next to the extraction site so I went to my dentist, he said there was a buildup of food and cleaned it for me then packed it with clove stuff. He said the healing was delayed due to the food. The clove stuff came out and I started getting abit of toothache again. I went back today and he said it pretty much looks the same as yesterday and he offered to clean it and pack it again but said it’d heal anyway in a couple of weeks so I declined to limit the amount of messing about with socket. He said the healing is just taking time and pain is different for everyone. I have to go back if it gets swollen etc. Is it normal to be having toothache in the adjacent teeth? It’s not all the time. Just every now and then it throbs. Also, im not sure if im doing something wrong regarding cleaning it. In the Uk we don’t get given syringes. I was told to hold saltwater in my mouth and then let it fall out, but that doesn’t seem to be cleaning it sufficiently. Am I safe enough to rinse properly by now?
Hi Ldennis98,

I would guess that if your dentist says it will heal anyway, then it probably will. Where I live people don’t get syringes either so saltwater in mouth should be enough. Maybe you were just really unlucky with the food getting trapped there in the first days?

When it comes to pain in adjacent teeth, yes, that can happen. You can read more here: