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Toothache, dentist can't find anything wrong.



Junior member
Aug 21, 2009
I am having pain on my bottom side. It doesn't hurt when I drink hot or cold, just when I eat. The pain feels like a spark and then a dull steady pain. It usually doesn't last long but I haven't been able to eat (only soups and yogurt). The dentist has taken 2 different sets of xrays a couple months apart no change. I do not grind my teeth. We have it narrowed down to two teeth but with tapping ice nothing happens. He is stumped and I am feed up. And dentist out there with any suggestions???:shame:


Jun 3, 2009
I had the same problem before. I told the dentist I thought it was a certain tooth. He said there was nothing wrong with it besides a small cavity. X-ray looked good. So he thought it was the tooth beside it that had a large filling in it that was giving me problems.

I told him to pull the other one. The one with the small cavity. It was pretty crooked anyway. After I had that done and healed I didn't have anymore problems.

Hope you can isolate which one it is. When he taps on it with the metal you should feel anything but maybe some pressure of feeling the tap. If it hurts in the slightest that is more than likely the tooth that is bothering you.

I wouldn't have it taken out unless there is something wrong with it. I would think a root canal would work. However I am not a dentist. Go back again and get him to tap every tooth on that side.

Then have him tap the a tooth on the other side that is not bothering you. See if you can tell the difference then.

Hope this helps some. I know this must be frustrating. You could also try a second opinion.


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Check the bite very carefully, I'd bet there was a premature contact somewhere...