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Toothache for 3 month....reluctantly extracting as all else failed



Junior member
Jan 13, 2013
Hi there Dr Gordon,
I’d appreciate your thoughts on my current situation. I started with a toothache on #31 out of the blue in mid December. Have seen a few top notch endodontists, X-rays and Cbct scans appear normal. 2 years ago I unfortunately had to have #2 extracted due to cracking the back off of the tooth due to my clenching and grinding. In the meantime my bite was off and I was hitting hard on #31 so had a bite adjustment to take it out of occlusion which seemed to help for a few days only.
After 2 months of this toothache the endodontist said perhaps we should start a root canal hoping that would be the answer. Well, as soon as the anesthesia wore off I was in excruciating pain for 10 days straight. I was told it was inflammation and to hang in there. I did my best getting by taking Advil and Tylenol as I do not like prescription pain meds. It has now been one month since having part one of a 2 part root canal and I cannot imagine going back into this tooth again. I have consulted with many specialists including an orofacial pain specialist in fear this could be atypical odontalgia and all seem to agree that extraction is the answer. The orofacial pain specialist feels that because it is and has been only this one tooth that is aching without shooting pains or burning or zinging and also because it hurts to even touch this tooth it does not appear to be a neuralgia which is a fear of mine. Since the root canal I cannot even lightly pressed on this tooth without it hurting tremendously which is odd. I have a constant ache as well.
i am scheduled for an extraction sadly but can only hope that this is the answer as I need to end this pain. I’d really appreciate your thoughts.
Thanks you!
I can't really add anything of value to this, you've had (it seems) multiple people examine you and run a decent battery of tests, so I don't think I can add to what you already know.

If it's absolutely definitely associated with this one tooth then if all else has failed, extraction is the only thing left to try.

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