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Toothache in Lower Gold Crown



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Aug 10, 2009
Hi as some of you know I have had some real problems with my teeth over the past couple of years, esp bite problems.

I was due to finally get the new bridge fitted on Thursday, but have over the past couple of days had a toothache in my Lower Root Canalled tooth. The pain is not a through the roof type pain but even with pain killers is still faintly there and hurts a lot when I bite. This is not the first time I have had pain and it did go away. When I went to the Eastman Hospital they seemed to think I may have a missed canal, but the dentist doing the restoration work has dismissed this. There is no pain from cold just a nagging pain and a really bad pain on biting.

My questions are does this sound like an infection in a missed canal and will an infection show up on an X-Ray?
I really need to know cos I am due to have a bladder operation that has already been cancelled once and I am scared they won't do the operation while infection is present in my body.

I can't believe this keeps happening to me:cry:
Rang dentist who said, all he could do for me today is give me anti-biotics, The dentist is one hour away, and as I have some penicilin VC that was given me to take on my holiday if I developed a throat infection I asked if I could take that.

I was asked what scale the pain was and I said, 2 resting ( which is more like 5 now ) and 8 when I bite on it, even touching my teeth with the teeth above hurts like hell. Any Idea how long the Penicillin 250 will take to kick in? I am taking 500mg 4 times a day. ???

I really don't need this toothache tomorrow.

Also does this sound like an infection and will it show on Xray, when I go on Thursday. I am sure this dentist thinks I panic over nothing. HOWEVER THIS PAIN IS MEGA REAL I can assure you, this tooth has been grumbling away for months and now it has decided to kick off. I just wish it had not decided to do it this week.
Not always can one see a tooth infection on the X-ray. Sometimes it is needed to wait a few weeks before it can be seen on the photo.
It sounds like the best would be having a specialist for root canal treatment (endodontist).
Thanks Dr Daniel, I am sure this is an abscess as it is getting worse, How long will it take for the Penicillin to work ?

My dentist can't see me till Thursday and I am having surgery tomorrow.
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When I took antibiotics for an infection it was about 3 to 4 days for me to feel any benefit. I hope everything goes well at the hospital for you tomorrow. :butterfly:
Thanks Carole. X
Thanks Dr Daniel, I am sure this is an abscess as it is getting worse, How long will it take for the Penicillin to work ?
According to the textbooks it takes 48 hours.
Tooth feeling a lot better now thanks. :)
Did everything go well at the hospital? :butterfly:
Yes Carole, Thank you for asking... I went in as a day case and was fortunate as to be well enough after my operation to go home after just a few hours. I am recovering well, (( touch wood)) and although the things I am allowed to do are limited am doing usual light house work.

With regards the tooth my dentist has taken an x ray which I am assuming he will look when he has more time. I am going back on Monday to have some adjustments made on the new bridge I had fitted. So expect he will tell me what he has found then. He did say that it sounded as though I had, had an infection in the tooth.
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I am pleased for you that you were able to get the hospital treatment done as I know you were worried about having the mouth infection. I hope you recover well, both body wise and orally.

Best wishes :butterfly::grouphug:
Thanks Carole, :)

My dentist has looked at the Xray, and it looks as though the hospital Diagnosis is correct and I have an extra root that has been missed, amazing how it managed to survive nearly 20 years. My dentist has told me to come see him if it flares up again, although he is not sure if he will be able to do it, which will mean going to an specialist..

May I please ask, what is the chance of this tooth surviving a re-treat, and if god forbid my dentist can't do it, how much are we talking about. As you know I am on limited funds and I think with my recent experience of dental hospitals it is unlikely I can get the work done at a dental hospital.. I think my dentist may be willing to give it a try but he may not. I am not sure I could cope with a false tooth and it is the only side I really feel comfortable chewing on, the new bridge on the other side is a lot better than before, but the nerve in that back tooth is still a bit erratic and is often tender to eat on. I must say though the dentist who has done a great job and has been great putting up with all my dental anxiety over the past few months.
The best person to answer these questions is your dentist, I haven't a clue and it's very hard to make even an intelligent guess via the internet :)

Your dentist will likely have a specialist endo dude that he refers to, so he should be able to give you a ballpark price.
Thanks Gordon x