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Toothache - root canal



Nov 8, 2022
England UK

The tooth I’ve been told needs a root canal started giving me toothache today! Delightful, I’ve heard some horror stories about root canals in general, especially ones on “hot teeth” mine is particularly painful right now. Will they need to prescribe me antibiotics to calm the pain before they attempt to do a root canal, what if it’s painful when they attempt to do it? I’ve heard the bleach they put down is a super intense pain. I hate feeling like I might be in pain from the dentist, it’s what stops me from going I was hoping to leave it until next year and I’m hoping I wake up with no toothache and can wait until next year to get it done. Or do I just get it done now before Christmas and get it over with?

I've had a root canal and zero pain on my end but the tooth was dead at that point.

They numb you up real good and, in my experience, I had been on antibiotics a week before. You can always discuss signals with your dentist like a raised hand if you feel pain at any point and they can adjust your numbing.

I know you don't want to hear this, all of us dental phobics don't, but sooner rather than later means better chances of not needing an extraction.

Root canals have come along way since we were young/our parents times. You're gonna be okay. You got this.
I’ve had 2 root canals and never felt anything during the procedure. I also didn’t need any pain killers afterwards. One root canal needed antibiotics but it was given after the procedure.
Hi. I made a video which might be answer some of your concerns.
How to prevent painful drilling
I had two root canals on the same day. No pain after and didn’t even need Tylenol. Dont worry!