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toothless near toulouse



Former Member
I've posted in the support section under how to find a dentist in France. If you want to read my sad and smileless story it's there :) :) :)
I'm looking for a particular type of dentist one who will treat me as I want to be treated rather than necessarily as they think best. and I wonder if anybody can help me.
And I'm looking for a dentist in southern france just to make things really simple!

My teeth are like this: from inside your mouth tongue to the back of your teeth and starting from the middle two,
middle right missing (the problem) working right next, missing but with fiberglass stick on tooth, next fine, next fine, last to back broken I think but fineish.
middle left own tooth but not in very good state infected I think and a wee bit wobbly moving on leftwards third from back missing fell out (humm that's a misnomer they don't fall out they cause months of pain and eventually you can pull them out!
Bottom teeth again from middle workin right all mine yippee until second to last very filled root canal? but infected but no trouble,last completely dead drilled out semi filled no trouble
working left all reasonable except second to last huge hole self draining abcess that flares up from time to time.

I think I have pretty bad and advanced gum disease

I have a false tooth that was made to replace my top right front tooth I think it's called a flipper it has a tooth loads of plastic and 2 wires one at each end they hook over teeth at either side of my mouth. I've filed away loads of plastic because it made me feel very sick I think I've filed away as much as I can with out breaking off the wires but because it sits behind my other front tooth I really can't talk properly while I wear it, it also hurts the teeth it attaches to the metal gives me that filling/icecream feeling.
Any help advice thanks


Former Member
It certainly sounds as if you have advanced gum disease, it's unlikely to be treatable by simple scaling and cleaning at this point.
The flipper can be adjusted so that it doesn't make you feel so sick, but it needs to be done by a dentist, filing it yourself will probably make it worse, you'll leave the bit you've filed quite rough (relatively) and your tongue will notice it more, which increases the gagging sensation.
As far as the lisping is concerned, this usually passes when you've worn the denture continuously for a week or two, but it sounds like you haven't been able to do this?
The metal clasps can be adjusted so they aren't gripping so tightly, but again this needs to be done properly or they can be snapped right off.
Sorry to be so unhelpful :cry:



Former Member
The last time I had dental treatment which was three years last july was when I lost my first tooth which is right next to the one I have just lost (as I said in an earlier post I was punched very hard nearly twenty years ago so much so that my teeth went right through my lip and were left very wobbly, I did visit a dentist bcause I thought they'd fall out there and then but couldn't let the dentist treat me and eventually they sort of solided up again). I was xrayed (really difficult lots of gagging thought I'd faint) and then my teeth were cleaned/scaled they were in a disgusting state and the hygenist told me that I was starting to lose bone and that I needed to have my teeth cleaned every three months, the cleaning was fantastic and my mouth felt so healthy for ages afterwards, I got a stick in tooth to replace the one I had lost which whilst not totally beautiful is fine and I'm really happy with. I fully intended to keep going back but the dentist scared me because she showed me that one of my teeth that has been filled or root canaled I'm not sure which had a pocket of infection and she wanted to take it out. I did say I didn't want it out that I was too scared but never dared to go back I just kept putting it off and off and off. The tooth she wanted to remove doesn't hurt has never flared up or given me any pain. She also wanted to take out a tooth that has a huge whole in it, it broke about six years ago and I never felt brave enough to get it filled. The dentist said it wasn't worth trying to fill and save and again the thought of having it pulled out was more than I could bear.

Other than those problems my teeth are pretty solid still but my gums are a bit sore and bleed and they are filthy and really need a good clean. I've been taking coq10 and vitamin c for nearly a year and have just started taking magnesium and b vitamins and that has certainly helped but of course any gunk under my gum line is still stuck there and won't go away until my teeth are cleaned.

With regard to the fipper thing I have filed it very carefully and it is very smooth, It's actually a thousand times better since I filed it. I've tried wearing it lots to get used to it but the main issue is that it runs behind my other front tooth and has to because of the wire and really I don't think there is anyway it could be adjusted I'd always have something behind that tooth and anything on my gum there would disturb me it's the exact spot that my tongue bounces to talk and seems very sensitive to gaggy stuff even if I get food stuck there. if it could work with just the one wire going the other way I'd probably manage it fine but I suppose it would just fall out then that's why I keep wondering about glueing it in.

I treid the dental glue stuff didn't work for me.................sorry to be negative about helpful suggestions :)


Former Member
Thanks for that I'll give it a go, I'll give pretty much anything a go. Just not feeling very positive right now!

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