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Top right wisdom tooth extraction - terrified



Oct 6, 2010

I'm finally getting one of my wisdom teeth removed, and I feel a combination of shame and utter terror.

The shame is easier to explain. The tooth cracked due to decay - which is my fault for not taking care of it properly. I'm someone who tries to take really good care of my teeth, due to dentophobia and trying to avoid treatment. The dentist who saw me yesterday even said "your teeth are all in amazing condition except for that one wisdom tooth at the back, I'm guessing you probably couldn't reach parts of it properly with a toothbrush". If I had to get the tooth removed due to lack of space that's one thing, but here I've just messed up. Having said that I have always noticed that my smile is misalinged (middle of my two front top teeth is not aligned with the middle of my two bottom teeth), I noticed the dentist noticed that too, so perhaps that formed a part of her decision.

As for the terror I'm feeling, I've been afraid of having my wisdom teeth removed for 20+ years (I'm 36). Part of that is a fear of the injections and part of it is a fear of general anaesthetic. I'm pleased that it's not being done under a general (it rarely is in the UK now). My dentist knows I'm very scared and she knows roughly why (traumatic injection as a child). She said IV sedation is an option if I want it, and initially I was like "yep let's do that". She then went on to tell me that in my case she actually thinks I should try to do it without sedation, because if I am sedated I won't remember it and so there's no chance to replace prior traumatic experiences. So I have agreed to try it without sedation.

She said there are two injections, one I'll not even feel and the other is in the palate so I will feel it. I must have looked pretty concerned when she said this because she quickly added "but I'm really good at it". I asked her if she'll go slowly and she reassured me that she'll go very slow, use numbing gel and that if I back out on the day they'll make me another appointment with the sedation. I have checked this dentist's reviews on patientconnections.co.uk, and she's got a lot of people saying amazing things about her particularly around extractions.

What do people think about doing this without sedation? Is she right that this might help in general, or am I likely to just re-traumatise myself? Which exact palatal injection do they use for the top wisdom teeth? Is it the AMSR or greater palatine? Is doing this with two injections the best way (I've heard friends say they had like 6, I'm assuming that's a technique to make the last injection more bearable)?

I know I'm replying to an old posting here so you've probably already had the work done, but for the benefit of anyone else... The fact that you won't remember anything about it is exactly why you should go for the IV sedation. No chance of trauma and the lack of trauma will help to erase the traumas of the past.