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Top Wisdom Teeth Removed 5 days ago, is pain in one side normal?



Jan 10, 2011
I had both top wisdom teeth pulled last Wednesday. Healing has gone great. They were fully erupted so it was pretty easy. The right side feels great.. I can eat fine on that side. The left side feels better than it did a few days ago.. but I feel slight pain in the area between where that pulled tooth would have met the other tooth, kinda up against the molar. That molar has a root canal and crown. This wisdom tooth was the one that was broken on the back side.. I'm wondering if this is normal to still have this slight pain on one side and not the other? It's not extreme and motrin takes care of it. I should probably give it a few more days before worrying? I would know if it's a dry socket right? My husband looks in and says he still sees the clot in there and it looks good. I'm just worried maybe I haven't rinsed well enough or something.. I don't know. Any help would be great!