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Topical Anesthetic for Extraction?



Junior member
Apr 4, 2015
Is it possible to have a previously root canaled tooth extracted with only topical anesthetic? I have an infection and need to have the tooth pulled. My thought process is that since it has had a root canal, the tooth is "dead," right? So I am wondering if the pain involved would be tolerable if I did not have the injection.
I haven't met anyone yet who wanted to try what you are asking. My opinion is that topical anesthetic would have no practical effect in pain reduction with an extraction.
I had a previously root canaled tooth extracted after it fractured and I will tell you honestly there is no way I would have had it removed without it being totally numb first (I have a decent pain threshold as well), it's not the tooth itself but the gum and ligament and other soft tissues that are subjected to a fair amount of trauma, I agree 100% with Dr Kimsey it's not something I would try ?
Remember, they also have to work with your gums and bone at times. The gums have a lot of nerves, so even when my dentist had to gently pull my gum away while working on a tooth, it caused a tiny but of pain when I was numbed up (thankfully he warned me ahead of time).

So no, that would not be an option for me. I expect my dentist to completely numb me up- I will happily take an extra needle if it means less pain while my mouth is being worked on.