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Topical before needle



Junior member
Apr 23, 2022
New England
Would it be inappropriate to call office and ask if they can use a topical on him prior to injecting the needle . I was given no info other then would use carbicaine instead because I can’t have anything with epinephrine. I don’t want to annoy this practice. Was given very little info .
Seems a fair question, their reaction would give you some very useful advance warning as to whether the relationship with them was worth pursuing :)
Thank you . I am going to call tomorrow . I have paid up front a lot of money so I can only hope for the best . The PCP who spoke to the oral surgeon prior to my consult is very unhappy with how things went , we are hoping for the best . Are people allowed to msybe listen to headphone as being dysautonomic sounds and bright lights affect my body very negatively and my dr tried to explain this . It’s not just my phobia we are dealing with . Thank uou
I've no problems with people wanting to listen to headphones, I don't know of anybody who does.
I can't imagine anyone would possibly object to headphones. The only argument against them I've ever come across is that they could interfere with your ability to interact with and listen to the soothing voice of your dentist and their assistant, and that it may be preferable to have music playing in the background which everyone can enjoy together...

But generally speaking, whatever gives you a sense of agency and control is good in these situations, so anything YOU feel will help you is a great idea!

We've got a list with some more tips for things that can help on this page: