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Topical Numbing Cream



Junior member
Feb 26, 2006
Hi I am Mark Smith, I am 32 and had a huge fear of dental needles for as long as i can remember. I since have been to therapy and got a nice new dentist. My question is this. My management of the needle fear is to raise my hand if it hurts, or if anything else is uncomfortable. But if the general treatment is a little painfull and I need another injection to numb things further, should I ask for more Topical numbing cream for the extra injection or would I be already numbed up by the first injection enough to not have to ask for the cream again.

just askin this coz I get really embarassed and am aware of looking like a nervous prat if I have to keep on asking whether they will use topical, when they will use it etc.

I hope someone can help, I have a filling in a few weeks and I still get nervous

Mark Smith
Generally when numbing runs out it doesnt run out completely,there will be enough freezing left so that you shouldnt feel another needle.My dentist has a heck of a time freezing me.One filling generally needs 2-4 needles and the pen.By the time hes done my face thaws out in about 6 hours.I never feel the needles after the first one.he does the first one in such a way that you dont even feel it,if they put the freezing in very slowly you shouldnt feel anything,and if you tell them that youre afraid of needles they likely wont let you see it.Dont feel bad my dentist said that he has had people pass while having xrays done.
Hi Michelle

Thanks for your email it helped a lot, I will just trust my dentist I think and hope any second injections will be ok.

Thanks so much

Mark xxx
I get so nervous about asking my dentist questions, is this normal lol ? I think she mite bite my head off or something !

Um yeah I personally dont like female dentists,so who knows what kind of reaction you will get.if shes professional she will listen to you.
Oh yeah I just wanted to clarify something .My dentist has had people pass OUT,during x-rays not PASS. :scared: ;D
If you caught my typo I hope it didnt scare you. ;D
Gotta admit you scared me a bit by saying you didn't like women dentists. Mine is very nice, but you got me worrying

mark xx
Any female dentist that I have had has been a real b#$%^.The one said that I had 28 cavities between my teeth,and she commented on my weight.I had just had a baby.The other one i had was very loud and obnoxious and she wouldnt listen when i said it hurt.I found women and old dentists to be far less sensitive to feelings.The younger guys seem to worry about hurting you more. If shes a newbie mabes shes good.