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Tori Removal next week - I am scared to death..



Junior member
Sep 20, 2011
I am having the tori bone in the roof of my mouth removed along with an implant removal, and 11 teeth extracted in addition to placement of 4 new implants. Also temporary dentures will be placed all in the same sitting. The impressions for my upper and lower overdentures have been completed, but I will not have them for 6 months - need time for my mouth and gums to heal. My surgeon said the entire procedure will take 2 hrs to complete. I am scared to death. I made the mistake of viewing the procedure on you tube of the tori removal,and can't think of anything but that horrible image.. My dentist asked me what was my preference of pain killer - like I know..I have no clue. He said it sounds worse than it actually is. I can't stand pain, I have a very low tolerance for pain, and now after seeing those videos, I hope I can go through with this. Will the anethesia knock me completely out? I don't want to know anything except its over..My husband drags me to the dentist, and sits with me when the dentist explains the procedure, but they won't let him sit with me during the actual procedure. Is it really painful after the anethesia wears off? What kind of pain killers do they give you for this? How long will it take before I can function normally again. My dentist says about 4-5 days. somehow, it seems like it will take me months.. Can someone please share their experience with me and tell me its not as bad as it seems. I plan to be out of work for 2 weeks, but not sure thats enough time.. HELP>>>>>:cry:
I presume that you have a large torus so that is why it is being removed. 11 teeth at one time is not a big deal if you are sedated. The hardest part is getting use to the temporary dentures. You would do better with a soft reline that would most likely need repeating a couple of times prior to final denture.
Hey Ilona!

I have GIGANTIC tori, and they said I don't have to have them removed unless I have dentures. Mine are on the bottom.

You know what--if they give you anesthesia, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I had surgery on the inside of my mouth last year. I was knocked completely out, and had Percocet for the recuperation. I have to say that as I think back on it, I don't remember it as being that bad...

I too have watched the videos. Have you watched where they put the flaps all back together? Not so bad looking. And there is a video in which a woman talks about her tori removal--you will be very encouraged if you are able to find it on youtube. I looked up "Why do you have to have tori removed youtube" and found it. She really explains it well and seems to have had a fairly ok experience.

Best wishes to you!
Lower tori removal generally go better than upper tori removal. The nice thing is that the tori are very dense bone. Some of this bone could be placed in the bottom of the extraction sockets. This would maintain a ridge longer to hold a denture or to put implants in.