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Tori removal



Junior member
Dec 9, 2016
I recently decided to have my tori removed (lower/mandibular) and went to the referred periodontist by my dentist here in Charlotte, NC. Most of the information I read said that the tori only need to be removed if receiving dentures or braces. I decided to have them removed quite simply because they were bothering me. I was constantly running my tongue against them, I would get food stuck down under the tori, saliva would seem to collect under them and I noticed just a slight slur in my speech on a rare occasion and I believe my tori was the cause.

My periodontist recommended doing one side at a time. He completed the surgery in just over an hour with only numbing the entire side of the mouth. He placed 4-5 stitches between the teeth and I was able to drive home.

I am currently 9 days out after removal of right side and feel great. Hydrocodone taken at night 2x and 600 mg ibuprofen taken every 6 hours throught the day and night. Day 9 and off the hydrocodone just taking ibuprofen.

The difference on the right side of my mouth is night and day compared to my left side which still contain a tori to be removed in another couple weeks. My tongue now rests down in my mouth where it is supposed to be and who knows how long its been since it had experienced its comfortable home.

I felt compelled to post this because I was unable to find any recent information on tori removal. I would highly recommend anyone consodering tori removal to go ahead and do it. Check with your insurance because they may very likely cover it like mine did. I feel like a new person and can't wait till the other side is removed.

Couple pointers: Eat soup and protein shakes for the first 7-10 days....made the mistake of eating regular food on a number of occasions and paid for it in pain! If needed get a second opinion, the periodontist you want is the one who understands there is a problem and wants to fix it.

I hope this post helps anyone consodering tori removal surgery. Thanks!
Thank you so much for sharing your tori removal experience. I too have large mandibular tori. At this point, I am not considering removing it. It doesn't bother me too much and I already feel like I'm going through a lot dentally, as I have Invisalign plus a still-healing implant, and don't want to add anything to this. But at some point down the road, I feel like I might look into it. The thought kind of freaks me out, but reading about experiences like yours really helps. Thanks again.
I just had my tori removed on both sides of the inside of my mouth. It wasn’t that bad. I took Ibuprofen for 3 days with not much pain. Its been day 6 and I can eat some soft foods. It really wasn’t a bad surgery.