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Torrington, Devon



Junior member
Jun 17, 2011
Torrington Dental Clinic. Devon - IV sedation clinic

A large but personal well equipped practice offering a variety of skills. One of a few sedation clinics in the south. They also are the main IV referal clinic.

From a personal view, after 40 years of fear and non attendance due to childhood butchery and following much research, recommendations and vodka, I rang the clinic and spoke with a lovely nurse who talked me through a lot of things. Nothing was to much trouble, she even said if I felt I would bottle it or get too scared to call her and she would help me to stay on track. So I booked an appointment and took my remaining teeth and terror to see Mr Gabe at the clinic.

By the time I arrived I didn't have any fluid ( or anything else for that matter ) inside me. I had vomited for England. I walked past the door 5 times, had a hundred excuses to not go in, questioned why I was putting my self through this trauma and terror when I didn't even have toothache....but my need to overcome my fear and smile again was greater and I knew IV sedation was the only way I could cope. These were the people who could help me. So I marched my nausceous stomach in.

A lovely nurse came and collected me, showed me through the door and Rhys ( the dentist ) imediatley came towards me and steered me to a seat away from the chair and equipment.
I lost it totally, felt a complete fool. His opening words, said with a warm and caring smile while holding my hand were ''Hello and don't apologise for crying '
We talked for nearly an hour, he asked about my fears and why. He read me so well and pitched this first meeting so brilliantly as if he genuinely knew how I felt. Almost like he had been through it himself. He was so kind and understanding, explaining the need to get our mutual trust and respect right first to aid a successful dentistry journey. He said we would move forward at my speed, what I could cope with. I let him have a quick peek in for 30 seconds before I left.

I am booked for next week for a full check and xrays and the plan of attack and am confident that although will still feel horrid will be more confident believing I am in understanding and expert hands.
Rhys ( and his nurse's ) abilty to put me at ease was equalled only by the expert way of dealing with my fear. I was so proud with myself that I had made this first step but was under no illusion that but for Rhys, his nurse and their manner I would not put myself through that again.
It's still early days....I have a long way to go still but I actually do believe I won't bottle it now.

I can not recomend the clinic enough. I never thought I would ever go to a dentist in my life again or be writing in favour of a dentist :) but this is the biggest personal thing I have ever tackled and they have made it as easy as a first visit could be 20/10
If it wasn't for Rhys Gabe at this dental practice then I would probably have false teeth!
I have always been terrified of the dentist for a variety of reasons, all talked about here.
Rhys is fantastic; very warm, caring, extremely gentle but best of all, he really does understand.
Another lady on here commented about him last year and I can only add that he is the best dentist I have ever known.
I still get anxious but with Rhys, I have been able to have a root canal done, fillings, extractions...before I couldn't even get into the dentist chair!
I have to travel to see him but he is certainly worth it.

Rhys Gabe
Torrington Dental Practice
Halsdon Terrace
Great Torrington
EX38 8DY