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Totally confused with advice from different dentists! help?



Junior member
Jan 7, 2009
Hi lovely people

I have periodontal gum disease and ultimately have to lose 9 teeth from the lower. I've decided on implants and went about having numerous consultations to compare practice, and of course price!

I am now totally confused as they differ in opinion so much. Some say 'yeah implants after extractions in 3 months'
Some say 'yep implants and immediate loading of implants and bridge fitted in 3 months'

And now I have 'nope implants not an option until way down the line when gums are healthier'

I'm in the UK and implant cost is huge, I don't want to waste thousands if they are likely to fail.

Any views most welcome xxx

Dental student

Junior member
Apr 2, 2015
Hi I'm a dental student. Perhaps I can offer some input to help you make a more informed decision regarding treatment with implant placement. But please take my advice with a grain of salt... Since I am still a student my knowledge may be incomplete on this matter.

So the different advice you are getting all have some merit to it. The typical implant placement timelines are immediate, 6wk, 3mo, and 6mo after extraction. There are different advantages to each situation. The most important issue is achieving stability between the bone/implant. Without looking at X-Rays it's difficult for me to weigh the pros and cons for you... Furthermore there are different sizes and types of implants, location of implants, and esthetical issues which complicate the matter.

But I can tell you what is generally recommended based on current studies. Our schools policy follow these guidelines very closely. When I plan implants for my patients, I do not wait more than 6 months. As time passes the chances of your implant adhering to bone decreases. Usually we place the implant itself after 3 months. You can place implants a lot sooner.... But a lot depends on how much bone you have after extraction, current bone level, and what it's used for. If you are going to get implants on your back teeth, immediate placement may not be the best option. I need a lot more information to give you specifics.